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New jobs

So I have two new jobs.

Not surprised to be moved out of Nick's office. Not entirely upset to be, either. It'll be nice to get my hands on something concrete after that last fiasco. Consumer credit's a good brief; not only will Creasy be sure to keep me on my toes, but we have a decent chance of getting some things done and stealing all her thunder. Which would amuse me (as well as being good for consumers).

The other job is less straightforward and promises to be a bit of a bother. It's still conditional as of now, as Vince has to check with John and then get approval from the werewolf.

Yes, I said werewolf. Apparently there's a werewolf living in Parliament. It's John's, no surprise there. He's just the sort of irrepressible spirit who would keep a werewolf in the basement.

Anyway, Vince says that he's going to be busy making a potion to cure the werewolf, and so I'm actually going to be helping with a lot of Vince's department work as well. It'll be a fast learning curve, but Vince says he has confidence in me, which is good.

Meanwhile, the werewolf - who Vince says is a politician with a little experience in small roles in government departments - is going to be doing some of the secretarial work. I'm supposed to coordinate between BIS and this werewolf. It's always something, isn't it? Still, if the werewolf's at all capable - and I don't hold out much hope, as it's Tory or Labour (I've checked all of us and nobody has fangs) - it might be a relief to pawn off some of the smaller things. Lord knows I'll be busy enough, especially if Vince is preoccupied with this potion.

But enough complaining. I'm really rather chuffed. Work doesn't scare me, and it looks like I'll have enough to do in BIS to make my mark.

Not telling Duncan about the werewolf, obviously. He'd have nightmares for weeks, and I've only just broken him of the Norman Fowler ones.

Off to work on consumer credit things. Werewolfy stuff has to wait until Vince gets the go-ahead from John and the werewolf. Fine by me. Time to go have an early dinner with Creasy and steal all her best ideas.

Update, 5:45 PM: Dinner over. Idea-stealing in motion. Now over to the Parliamentary cell to meet the werewolf - who turned out to be Peter Mandelson, weird - and give him some papers and confidentiality agreements.

After that it's back to BIS to do work. Probably won't get home until quite late. Luckily Dunc's out with Jezza tonight to comfort the poor reshuffled dear - I'd better remember to put out glasses of water. The two of them will be hopeless tomorrow otherwise. Probably will be anyway.

Off to see a wolf about some papers.
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